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- SOCCER SOFTWARE :Discovers here our soccer / football software: To track soccer leagues and to optimize betting on soccer betting games ( 1X2 , supertoto ...) . windows software .

reduced systems for toto, supertoto , totogoal ...
(reduced systems for soccer betting)
  ECOLOTOFOOT - Click here to download the free version (2Mb)
For players of betting games like toto , supertoto (betting game based on the results of several soccer matchs) , Ecolotofoot has reduced systems. These systems optimize the bet.
The software print directly on the tickets (French lotofoot , Swiss totogoal , Croatian toto13 , Polish , Portuguese , Spanish ...). It also export on unibet supertoto file format .

5 free systems are included on the free evaluation of the software. more than 180 reduced systems are on the complete version of Ecolotofoot.
Software in several langages : english , french , german , italian , spanish , portuguese , croatian , danish . Dowload the free version to test it!
soccer tracking software
(track soccer leagues)
  STATFOOT32 - Click Here to download the free version
Statfoot32 permits to track soccer / football leagues . Manages up to 30 teams per league . Generates many graphical statistics . Exportation in html format ( this permits to include tables , results and statistics on web site) . Includes the database of results of the main european leagues ( England Premier League , France Ligue1 , Espana Liga, Portugal Superliga , Germany Bundesliga , Italy Calcio , Belgium Jupiter League ...).
Free download of the evaluation version . This version includes little limitations on statistics availables.
in English French , German , Italian , Spanish , Portuguese , Danish , Swedish , Deutsch
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